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  • You don't need to own any car or monitor any trips. We make your work simple.

"We work for you and generate your revenue"
  • Reke India provides you 24 x 7 cab support, even in the regions where you don’t provide a service. You can say a Yes, even if you don’t have a cab at that time or at that region.
  • Our fare is very lesser. So you can say a Yes to the customer who is requesting for cheaper rates.

Why sell a Trip to Reke India ?

  • Reke India offers a wide range of Cab Network. We will help you in fulfilling trips from any part of the country.
  • Reke India provides 24x7 cab support and customer support to you and your customers.
  • Reke India monitors every trips efficiently and takes care of your customers till they get dropped off.
  • Our fare is very lesser than anyone else in the market. You can earn more revenue by selling your trips at cheapest rates.
  • You can find the rates from our Merchant Application and share them to your clients.
  • You can share the same fare to the customer or you can set your own fares and earn the difference as your revenue.

Above that we will also share up-to 40% of our income to you, for each trips sold.

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Who can sell a Trip ?

1.) Any Business who provides requires Cab service for their client/guest/Customers.

2.) Any Hotels or Hospitals or any Organization who wants to arrange cab for their guests.

3.) Any Users, who wants to book a cab for your friend.

4.) Any Cab Service Business or Startups who Don’t have enough cabs and require Cab support of Reke India.

5.) Any user who wants to Earn profit of their Own Trip, can choose to sell a Trip rather than Booking a Trip.

On whole, Anyone can sell a Trip on our Application and expand their Business and Revenue.

By using this application, you Agree to our Terms and Conditions.

1.) You can sell a trip from Anywhere in the Country.

2.) Trips can be sold only before 6 hours of the trip time.

3.) You will get 40% of our earnings as your share on selling a trip through card and 30% of our Earnings as your share on selling a trip through Cash.

4.) You have to provide only the customer name and number on Customer information. Providing an incorrect number or your own number, will lead to chaos during the trip.

5.) Any cancellation has to be done before 6 hours of Trip time. On cancelling a trip, after 6 hours of Trip time, may lead to Penalty.

6.) Customers are requested to carry a Valid Id Proof with them which the driver may request to produce for verification of identity.

7.) Driver details will be shared to the customers only within 5 hrs of the Trip time.

8.) Any cancellation from our end within 6 hrs of the trip time, are subject to cancellation charges which will be added to your Wallet.

9.) Inform the Customers clearly about the fare they have to pay and Extra charges that are applicable.

10.) You can withdraw the amount only if the wallet balance is more than Rs. 500/-

11.) Minimum Balance of Rs. 300/- will be maintained on your Wallet as long as you are a Merchant with us.

12.) Night driving charges of Rs. 200/night are applicable whenever the driver drives between 11pm - 5 am.

13.) Hills Charges of Rs. 200 for Sedan and Rs. 300 for SUV are applicable for Ooty, Kodaikanal, Tirumala, Munnar, Thekkady , etc.

14.) Do not make any direct bookings with the drivers for future trips. We are not responsible for any happenings in any trip that is not booked directly through us.

15.) During one way trips, you can take short breaks up to 15-20 minutes for food or snacks. However if the time exceeds 20 minutes or if there is any sightseeing or waiting on the way, you will be charged Rs. 200/hour as waiting charges.

16.) One way drops are meant to pick you from your source location and drop you at the destination. No sightseeing or waiting at starting city or destination city is not appreciated. Any waiting or deviation (which are not mentioned during the booking) may result in chaos and waiting charges as the vehicles may be assigned to pick up another customer from your destination.

17.) For one way trips, always board the cab on time. The cab may wait for a maximum of 15-20 minutes during pickup (except for airport pickups if informed us about possibility of delay). If the customer failed to turn up after waiting for 15-20 minutes, waiting charges may apply or the driver may cancel the trip and rescheduling can be made only with an updated trip fare. Cancellation policies apply.

18.) Parking charges, Airport Entry fees or any other form of Entry fees are NOT INCLUDED in the quotation. The customer is responsible for all such additional charges incurred during the trip. Any directly paid tolls, permit or parking bills has to be collected only from the driver directly from the driver during the trip.

19.) Reke India has all rights to cancel to your account, provided if we find you violating our reputation and terms.